August 1st 2017 10-Week Get Healthy and Fit Challenge Information


Back by popular demand, the 4rd 10-Week Challenge at SPARK45 will be starting on August 1, 2017.  


Did you know that research is showing that it takes 70 days to create a new habit?  Do you want to start a new healthy habit of exercising, eating, and wellness?  The 10-Week Challenge might be for you then.

Here is what two previous challenge members shared about her experience in the challenge.  She had never taken a class at Spark45 prior to starting the challenge:

“I never thought I would look forward to exercising again. I never thought I would finally lose some weight.  I never thought I would gain back self-confidence.  Thank you Danielle and all my new friends who participated in the Spark 45 10-Week Challenge for forever changing my perspective on exercise, the scale, myself and life in general!!  I’m not done yet – excited to begin challenge #2!”   Kathy M.

I started this challenge in order to lose weight, and in addition to shedding some pounds I was able to shape a healthier life style for my family. I’ve learned that balance and making healthy choices is key in building good habits, so each day I made time to be active and eat good food. When it became tough to get steps in or go to class, I found myself surrounded by amazing women who stayed committed to their goals and pushed me towards mine as well. Through Lagree classes, getting 10,000 steps a day, and eating well I’ve been able to meet my fitness goals and make a lot of new friends along the way. I am so glad that I did the 10 week challenge!  Hillary P.


The Details of the Challenge!!

10-Week Challenge Commitment Form

I, _________________________, commit to participating in the Spark45 Fitness 10-Week Challenge. I commit to being open to learning new things about others and myself. I commit to participating at my personal highest level. I commit to being open to feedback. I commit to allowing amazing things to happen.

Challenge Activities (included in price)

  1. Unlimited classes starting 2/1/17 for 70 days.
  2. 3-personal Wellness/Health Coaching sessions
  3. Weekly check-in meeting/seminars on variety of wellness/health topics
  4. Outdoor activities (beach walks, hikes, city walks)
  5. Private Facebook group for Challenge members to share and support each other outside of classes.
  6. 3-weeks of clean eating meal plans.
  7. Pre- and Post Pictures and Measurements (hip/chest/bust)
  8. Goodie bags and treats throughout challenges to support your health and wellness.

Challenge Prizes:

1st place: 1-month unlimited classes ($199 value)

2nd place: $50 Spark45 Credit towards classes

3rd place: Free pair of Sticky Be Grip Socks ($15 value)


Challenge Guidelines: (aka how to win)

Earn the highest number of points.  Here is how to earn points!!

Activity Point Value per activity
Attend Lagree Class (Max 1 per day, Max 6 per week) 2
Take 10,000 steps per day 2
Attend weekly meeting 10
Attend 3 health coaching sessions 20
Post in FB group weekly (Max 3 points per week) 2
Attend/organize outdoor group walk 2
Achieve personal health goal 50
Total  590
  • To win, the participant must write a testimonial for challenges and share on social media.
  • In the case of a tie, the highest number of total steps during the 10-week challenge will be used to break the tie

Pricing: $699

  • Early bird special:  $649 (sign up by 7/10 with $169 deposit)
    • Allow you to sign up for classes before the challenge starts
    • Sign up through the mindbody site.
  • Early bird repeat participant in 10-week challenge:  $599
  • Repeat participant: $649 (sign up by 7/10)

Ready to sign up?  Have questions?  Call, text or email Danielle at 805.275.300 or