August 1st 2017 10-Week Get Healthy and Fit Challenge Information


Back by popular demand, the 5th 10-Week Challenge at SPARK45 will be starting on FEB 1, 2018!  


Did you know that research is showing that it takes 70 days to create a new habit?  Do you want to start a new healthy habit of exercising, eating, and wellness?  The 10-Week Challenge might be for you then.

Here is what two previous challenge members shared about her experience in the challenge.  She had never taken a class at Spark45 prior to starting the challenge:

“I never thought I would look forward to exercising again. I never thought I would finally lose some weight.  I never thought I would gain back self-confidence.  Thank you Danielle and all my new friends who participated in the Spark 45 10-Week Challenge for forever changing my perspective on exercise, the scale, myself and life in general!!  I’m not done yet – excited to begin challenge #2!”   Kathy M.

I started this challenge in order to lose weight, and in addition to shedding some pounds I was able to shape a healthier life style for my family. I’ve learned that balance and making healthy choices is key in building good habits, so each day I made time to be active and eat good food. When it became tough to get steps in or go to class, I found myself surrounded by amazing women who stayed committed to their goals and pushed me towards mine as well. Through Lagree classes, getting 10,000 steps a day, and eating well I’ve been able to meet my fitness goals and make a lot of new friends along the way. I am so glad that I did the 10 week challenge!  Hillary P.


The Details of the Challenge!!

10-Week Challenge Commitment Form

I, _________________________, commit to participating in the Spark45 Fitness 10-Week Challenge. I commit to being open to learning new things about others and myself. I commit to participating at my personal highest level. I commit to being open to feedback. I commit to allowing amazing things to happen.

Challenge Activities (included in price)

  1. Unlimited classes starting 2/1/18 for 70 days.
  2. Personal Wellness/Health Coaching session
  3. Weekly check-in meeting/seminars on variety of wellness/health topics
  4. Outdoor activities (beach walks, hikes, city walks)
  5. Private Facebook group for Challenge members to share and support each other outside of classes.
  6. Goodie bags and treats throughout challenges to support your health and wellness.

Challenge Prizes:

1st place: 1-month unlimited classes ($199 value)

2nd place: $50 Spark45 Credit towards classes

3rd place: Free pair of Sticky Be Grip Socks ($15 value)

Prizes 4-10:  TBD.  All challengers will have the opportunity to win a prize.


Challenge Guidelines: (aka how to win)

Earn the highest number of points.  Here is how to earn points!!  This is a rough guideline ONLY and subject to change.

Activity Point Value per activity
Attend Lagree Class (Max 1 per day, Max 6 per week) 2
Take 10,000 steps per day 2
Attend weekly meeting 10
Attend 3 health coaching sessions 20
Post in FB group weekly (Max 3 points per week) 2
Attend/organize outdoor group walk 2
Achieve personal health goal 50
Total  590
  • To win, the participant must write a testimonial for challenges and share on social media.
  • In the case of a tie, the highest number of total steps during the 10-week challenge will be used to break the tie

Pricing: $749

  • Early bird special:  $649 (sign up by 12/25 with $199 deposit)
    • Allow you to sign up for classes before the challenge starts
    • Sign up through the mindbody site.
  • Early bird repeat participant in 10-week challenge:  $599 when combined with early bird.
  • Repeat participant: $699 (after early bird)

Ready to sign up?  Have questions?  Call, text or email Danielle at 805.275.300 or