Team Spark45

Danielle, Owner and Founder


For as long as Danielle can remember, she has wanted to help people live better lives. This started in high school when she was a member of a student support and counseling group, and this passion has continued.

When it was time to choose a career path and university, Danielle decided to attend University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana as she was not exactly sure what she wanted to do, and she knew she wanted to help people.  She discovered Physical Therapy, and knew it was the right fit as it allowed consistent contact with patients, something she felt strongly about.  After completing her undergraduate degree, she attended St. Louis University receiving her Master’s in Physical Therapy.

After 7 years in the field of Physical Therapy, she discovered she wanted to be able to help patients with more than just the physical conditions. She wanted to help them resolve any underlying challenges around sleep, diet, stress, and work-life balance. She realized that sometimes she was able to help the patient in the short term when they were attending therapy, but after they graduated they were unable to maintain the results due to the above-mentioned area.

Danielle gained additional certifications in holistic health/wellness coaching, and personal training. She received her Health Coaching Certificate from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Personal Training certificate from National Academy of Sport Medicine, and Big Leap Life Coaching certificate from The Hendricks Institute. She now combines all of these skills with her Physical Therapy education whenever she is working with her clients, whether for health coaching, physical therapy, personal training or when chatting between sessions. She is passionate about movement, exercise, and living the best life each and every day.

Danielle has spent the majority of her 10 years as a Physical Therapist working in the outpatient setting. Before that, Danielle worked in a community re-entry program providing PT to individuals who had suffered brain injuries, strokes, and other neurological conditions. For the last 8 years, she worked for a large outpatient patient provider in Chicago.  She treated a wide variety of patients from high-school students returning to sport after surgery, to elderly patients with balance challenges, and the weekend warriors with muscles strains and sprains.  After visiting and falling in love with Carpinteria in 2011, she moved to Carpinteria in December 2014 to create her dream of combining her passions. Spark45 Fitness and Physical Therapy is that dream.

She is excited to start Spark45 and looks forward to meeting you! Please contact her with any questions or concerns.

Additional Spark45 Team Members

Currently, Danielle is the whole team. She is looking for other individuals who are passionate about helping others, creating community, and living health and active lives. Spark45 brings together Danielle’s passion for physical therapy, fitness, and healthy living. She wants to add people to her team that want to do the same.

Positions available in the future:

  • Office Manager
  • Personal trainer
  • Lagree Fitness Instructor
  • Combination of the above positions

Interested? Send you resume to